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Content Marketing Training

You may be wondering why you should pay for our content marketing training for teams while there are several free trainings offered on the internet. Well, just as Slvr Wlf does not offer one-size-fits-all solutions, our content marketing training are specialised and targeted at your unique needs.  After consulting with you, we are able to identify what specific help your content marketing requires and tailor the training course along those needs. 

Additionally, our understanding of government agencies, schools, start-ups and the political terrain mean that we can provide the nuanced direction that your content marketing team needs.  Managing the digital media in these sectors require speialised skills and understanding of the unique audiences and how to engage with them. More so, your “customer persona”  also varies. Therefore, more is needed than the generalised knowledge served in these free courses. 

Our training covers best practices for content creation and social media management for the education, business and political and governance sectors.  We provide guidelines for crafting attention-grabbing headlines, writing tweets, Facebook posts and Instagram posts, tools for editing graphics and videos and more. Our trainers are world-class, with decades of experience in instructor-led training, coaching and mentoring.

Slvr Wlf Content Marketing Training Modules

The Slvr Wlf content marketing training for teams include the following modules:

1. Understanding digital media 

2. Social media platforms and their uses

3. The importance of digital listening

4. Digital media policy for staff

5. The use of English