How Much Are You Losing to Poor Customer Service

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You think your customer service knowledge is top-notch? Take our How Much Are You Losing to Poor Customer Service? Quiz to find out how much more you can make with an improved customer service experience!

You receive an inquiry about a product you have advertised on your page, you check the enquirer's social media and notice they have no profile picture, you...
A customer notifies you that you messed up their order, you apologised and promised to fix it. Next thing you know, the customer has gone on social media to call out your brand. What should you do?
You discover that a customer who buys your goods in bulk rebrands and passes off your product as theirs. That customer is a fraud and should be called out.
You receive a complaint from a customer that they intended to cancel their subscription package but didn’t get to do so until they received a debit alert. Now, they’re asking for a refund, claiming you should have sent a reminder message prior to the due date. How do you respond?
You recently met someone who bought the same product your company offers at a higher price. You told them they can get it at a lesser price, but they respond that they’re satisfied with where they got it. What do you do next?
A customer insists on talking to the manager about her order, but your company policy is that purchase issues should be handled by the sales and customer service departments. Should you attend to this person personally?
A customer calls to make a complaint. You listen to them and then restate their complaints to them to clarify. This is good customer service in action
You ran a promotion where you promised free delivery to the first 10 people to make orders above N100,000 within a specified time frame. A customer made a N120,000 purchase, but the logistics to move the goods to their location is over N65,000 which is 3 times more than the average budget you assumed per person. How would you fix this situation?
There’s a viral misinformation about a negative health effect of your product and your customers are asking you about it. How do you respond to them?
A customer bought an item from your store. You did not have power to check if it was working or not at time of purchase but it was working when you bought it. They return the next day to say the appliance is not working. You…?

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