Running a Virtual Help Desk Quiz

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Whether your business is online or not, creating a virtual help desk is no longer optional. Take our How successful will you be at running a virtual help desk? Quiz to find out how good you will be at setting up an online help desk for your business!

You get a call from a user who is having trouble accessing your website, but you asked those around you and tested different devices and no one else is having this issue. You should dismiss the complaint.
Many of your customers alerted you that your website was offline via mail. You notified the technical team to fix it, and afterwards, made a social media post to apologise and inform your customers that you’re back online. You have given appropriate feedback.
You have an excellent customer service agent who shows exceptional interpersonal skills in the office. This person is automatically a good addition to your virtual helpdesk team.
When selecting your virtual helpdesk team, efficiency matters more than friendliness and empathy.
Some of your competitors have a virtual helpdesk, but you still have more customers than all of them. This means you don’t really need one.
You discover that many people are unfollowing your company’s social media accounts. You never bought followers and worked hard to get organic followers. What should you do?
Your customers complain that you respond late to their messages on social media, but swiftly when they call you. What should you do?
How do you decide on the best software for your virtual helpdesk?

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