Online Reputation Quiz

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Got a minute to find out how well do you manage your online reputation? Take our  How Well Do You Manage Your Online Reputation to find out now!

Every time you use the internet you create a digital footprint.
What people think about you online affects how they relate with you offline?
Your digital footprint includes the following except _____
Your social media display picture determines how people react to your brand.
Your social media header must say something about your brand.
When you make a mistake on social media, you can quickly delete it and no one will know.
When you are called out on social media, you can go offline for a few hours or several weeks and everything will go away.
You can use your brand account for personal engagements..
It is okay to use your brand account to jump on hashtags to gain visibility.
Which of these is correct regarding your brand's use of social media?
You can ignore responses to your posts on social media if they are complaints about your organisation.
You can use photos and videos you find on the internet to promote your brand

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