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3 must-use strategies for great content writing

Content is essential to boost search engine rankings, increase brand awareness, generate new leads and blog traffic, acquire new customers, and retain old ones. Thus, many brands who understand the importance of content writing outsource content creation to consultants.  However, others choose to create their content themselves. If you are one of those who have chosen to create your own content, here are three things you need to do now. 

Write your content strategy:

Your document should answer two questions: 

  • Why am I creating this content?
  • Who is the audience for my content?
    Answering these two questions will keep you focused. Without a strategy document, as you create content, you may become distracted and try to match the content created by other brands you come across. Having a strategy will keep you on track even if you don’t get instant results.

Decide on a unique voice for your brand:

This voice should fit in with the audience you cater to and the product you are offering them. How old or young do you want your brand to sound? Will you be using words and phrases from popular culture in your content? Will you sound friendly? Jovial? Serious? Your job here is to turn your brand into a character (You may even choose a name for that character). Such that when you want to create content you get into character.

Develop a content writing schedule/calendar

How often will you be posting on social media? Consistency is more important than quantity. Decide on the type of content you will be putting out. For example, if you are a natural hair treatment manufacturer, your content writing may centre on natural hairstyles. Remember that content writing is about selling without making it so obvious. And the truth is that most of your followers will probably never buy anything from you. If your content writing helps, it will start a conversation about your brand, and your followers will help promote your brand. Neutral people promoting your brand will probably generate more revenue than content explicitly made to sell.

So are you ready to start off your content writing journey? The task of generating your own content may be daunting, but it is not impossible. But we are just one click away should you run into any trouble. Get in touch with us for a free consultation. 

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