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Have you tried the New Twitter Circle? Here are 3 ways you can use it to Improve Your Content Marketing.

Read to learn about how you can use the new Twitter Circle to improve your content marketing.

Innovative businesses today understand that Twitter is a great place to connect with influential audiences, make an impact, and grow their bottom line. From hashtags that drive engagement to Twitter Spaces that allow brands to start and join conversations, Twitter continues to add new features that help businesses interact on a more personal level with customers. One of these features is the all-new Twitter Circle. 

What is Twitter Circle?

You know how brick-and-mortar establishments have a VIP section for an exclusive set of customers, well, the Twitter Circle is just like that. Twitter Circle is a new feature that allows users to hand pick the audiences that interact with their content. 

With the Twitter Circle, you can narrow your content marketing efforts to 150 exclusive potential or returning clients. The feature is similar to the Close Friends feature on Instagram which allows you to share stories with a selected group of people. You simply create your circle by adding followers or non-followers, make your tweet(s) and post by selecting ‘’Twitter Circle’’ right before you share. 

Currently, this amazing feature is undergoing beta testing so only a limited number of people around the world can access it for now, but here are three reasons why we are excited about the new Twitter Circle and why you should be too: 

How businesses can use Twitter Circle to improve their content marketing.

Twitter Circle promotes exclusivity.

The scarcity principle states that the rarer and more unattainable something is, the more valuable it is. When your customers know that an offer is designed especially for them, with their own needs in mind, the offer becomes more desirable. 

With the Twitter Circle, you can create unique and meaningful chat forums and juicy threads with easy-to-read words, vibrant images, and bite-size explainer videos just for your VIP audience. Think of it as a closed-door event where only a select few are invited. They can then broadcast these messages to a broader audience.

You can use your Twitter Circle to conduct exclusive give-aways, and virtual parties, and give out special offers to your loyal customers.

With the Twitter Circle, you control your message and audience.

With the Twitter Circle, you become a super-influencer, while the people in your circle serve as ambassadors. You are able to control how your message goes out and the primary audience that receives it. 

Using the Twitter Circle thus ensures that you do not have to directly deal with trolls or disruptive people online. When anyone in the Circle exhibits disruptive behaviour, you can simply remove their access. Think of the Twitter Circle as a convenient sifting device for smooth content marketing. With one click of a button, your circle can be absolutely troll-free.

Twitter Circle ensures you are marketing to your ideal audience.

An impressive fact about Twitter Circle is that it allows you to narrow down your audience and monitor their interests closely by seeing who they follow and the conversations they join online. When you have this information at your fingertips it becomes easier to create a more meaningful content experience that attracts your special paying clients to your brand. 

Rev up Content Marketing with the Twitter Circle

So, in summary, you can totally up your content marketing game with the Twitter Circle because, 

  1. It allows you to deal exclusively with your customers.
  2. It helps you discover your ideal clients. 
  3. It gives you control over your audience.

We sure cannot wait to get a hold of Twitter Circle and we hope you are ready for it too. If you are wondering if using the Twitter Circle will serve your business, book a free consultation with us today and let us tell you.

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