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Hiring A Social Media Content Creator? Here’s What You Need To Know Now!

Most business owners Slvr Wlf speaks to acknowledge that they need help with their content creation. They are willing to hire a content creator but they have also been burnt so many times. Many young persons who own a phone and use social media, claim that they are content creators. They have a lot to say about how content creation should be done, but when it comes to applying all the things they say, they fall short. So, many business owners are wary of hiring content creators. If you fall into this category, this blog post is for you.

How do I Hire the Best Content Creator for my Brand?

Before you think of hiring a content creator for your brand, you must first determine what your needs are. Do you want someone who will create content for your websites? Then you would require someone with copywriting skills. Are your needs content for social media pages? Then you would require someone who has brand storytelling experience. But if you want someone who will frequently update your blog, then depending on your business, you would need someone who has some journalism skills as well as copywriting and storytelling skills. So, first, know your needs.

Next, you need to decide what social media platform you want to concentrate on. Especially if you are new to social media, it might be best for you to understudy various platforms and then decide the platform that best suits your needs. For example, if you are selling products directly to consumers, then you may choose a platform like Instagram. You would then need someone who understands how the platform works. All social media platforms do not work the same way. So, if a content writer insists that they do, that certainly is a red flag.

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Where to Find the Best Content Creator for Hire

The next question you’d want to answer is, where do I find the best hires? As a small business, you may not be able to take out an advert in traditional platforms. We certainly do not recommend this. In fact, the best place to hire a Content Creator will be on a digital platform. You may choose to outsource the hiring process, but if your budget is tight, you may choose to run the process yourself.

You can advertise on Facebook. For as low as N10,000, you can run a Facebook advert for five days and rake in a lot of interest. You can even set up your advert so that you filter out people who do not meet your requirements. This saves you a lot of time and effort. You may also choose to run adverts on LinkedIn. This may cost a little more. A day’s advert on LinkedIn could cost as much as N7,000 but comparatively, you have better hires from this platform, in our experience. You can also automate the entire hiring process on LinkedIn.

What to Look out for When Hiring a Content Creator

Here is a checklist to follow when hiring a Content Creator:

o   Subject matter mastery

o   Platform mastery

o   Level of experience

o   Skillset possessed

o   Availability for work

o   Rates

Hiring a social media content creator requires time, effort and commitment. It will also mean yielding creative control of your brand to someone, which is why you must trust whoever you are hiring. If you are not comfortable handing that much power to an individual, it is advisable to work with an agency. Agencies like Slvr Wlf Digitale have a public track record that you can take a look at before making a decision. So if you ever need help with your content creation, we are here and always ready to help.

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