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How to set up a Virtual Help Desk

Whether your business is online or not, creating a virtual help desk is no longer optional. People will talk about your business on the internet. It is always better to provide them with the needed customer support where they are. Also, having a virtual help desk reduces overhead costs by limiting or eliminating the need for on-site resources.

What is a Virtual Help Desk 

A virtual help desk is an online support system designed to provide remote assistance to your employees and customers. Your business’s virtual help desk would help users stay informed, reassured, and free to state their complaints or ask questions. You can also utilise it for feedback and improvement purposes. 

What Makes A Good Online Support Desk?

An ideal online customer care service should have these qualities:

  • A robust support process
  • Excellent technical skills
  • Best practices & accreditations
  • Automation and responsiveness
  • Smart service-level agreements (SLAs)

How to set up a Virtual Help Desk

Before you start

  1. Support software – Choose the software support that suits the specific needs of your business. 
  2. Decide on the virtual platforms that will host your helpdesk. 
  3. Create a business FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  4. Pre-empt the types of support your customers will need and set up how these will be provided. 
  5. Train the support team on how to use the Software, platforms and FAQ to serve your customers.
  6. Create ‘auto responses’. These are responses that are routine and do not require higher-level clearance before a response is sent.

After you have started

  1. Run a daily/weekly/monthly review of the types of support your customers are requesting and update your documents and forms accordingly.
  2. Monitor your performance using help desk KPIs. Check for metrics like first call resolution rate, lost business hours, change success rate, infrastructural stability, ticket volume trends, etc. Identify areas that need improvement and act accordingly. 

Whether you are in charge of a government agency, political candidate’s campaign, own a school or start-up, as long as your clients, customers and prospects are on the internet, then you need virtual assistance. Book a consultation with us today and let us help you set one up. 

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