Invest in Owned Media

Business owners often overlook investing in owned media. They recognise that putting their messages in front of the right audience is the first step in getting prospects’ attention. They know that this would, ideally, progress into converting these prospects into customers/clients. 

So, entrepreneurs who simply apply the traditional methods they use in selling would naturally invest more in paid media. They would place adverts in places where they expect the right pool of prospects to visit, such as blogs, webpages and social media platforms.  In addition, they may pay influencers whom they believe would hype their products, and use their influence, to get their teeming followers interested in their brand. 

Although they understand the importance of owning a website and having some social media presence, they may find consistent content generation overwhelming. So, they would mostly pay little attention to owned media – equivalent to printing brochures and portfolios.

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Owned Media vs Paid Media vs Earned Media

However, Slvr Wlf Digitale’s marketing research has shown that most prospects are attracted to strategically communicated brand messages, using owned media. This is because these messages are less intrusive than paid or earned media. In fact, users are known to skip, block or completely ignore paid media and influencer marketing.  

So what should organisations do that want to get the best internet exposure? They must strike a balance their investment in owned media, paid media and earned media. They must also understand that greater brand prominence is gained through an active digital footprint. In the same vein, an active digital footprint is a product of strategic use of owned and earned media.

Slvr Wlf Digitale understands the science of using owned media to organically grow the digital presence of clients. Why not reach out to us today and get a free diagnosis of your communication strategy? We can help you determine your own media’s state of health and suggest how you can organically grow your online presence. This in turn will mean more growth for your business.

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