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Slvr Wlf Celebrates 3 Years of Excellent Service

slvr wlf 3 years anniversary

365 days pass so quickly when you are providing top-notch services to clients and trying to create the most impact for their business. And so, it seems like only yesterday when we celebrated our second-year anniversary. On January 6, 2023, we marked 3 years of excellent service. It was another time to reflect on the ups and downs of the past year and make projections for the coming year.

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3 years of excellent service

3 Years of Professional Delivery to Clients

One thing is sure; the Slvr Wlf Team continued to maintain the high standards of professionalism that make our work stand out from the rest. We made further significant improvements in our work processes, converted more prospects into paying clients and expanded the team to accommodate fresher ideas and talents.

Of course, as any normal team-cum-family would – we have had our share of team disagreements, laughed and cried together, rejoiced with one another and always turned up for one another when the need arose. Most importantly, we have remained the strong, unstoppable force in the social media content marketing business niche.

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3 years of joy and laughter

“We plan always to remain up there and to ensure that every client we work with is always satisfied with our work. Our joy is always the reviews where they tell us that they are ready to keep working with us,” says Abigail Anaba, our Head of Content Marketing. “I’m sure I speak for the entire management team when I say, it was a great year, not just for our clients but for the entire team.”

3 Years of Teamwork

Some members of the team also took the time to talk about what it is like working at Slvr Wlf. As stated by Osione Abokhai, our Social Media Liaison Officer, “Working at Slvr Wlf has been an all-round enlightening experience for me. We do good work here for our clients. From the social media management to the impeccable customer service and content marketing services offered”. Osione further expressed her confidence about more brands being excited to trust Slvr Wlf with their business as the team grows in time.

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Forever to go

While telling us about how much he has learnt on the job, Akindele Olu-Makinwa, our Marketer and Liaison Officer noted that the Slvr Wlf clients he has met and interacted with have continually professed their satisfaction with Slvr Wlf’s services and their trust in what the team is capable of doing. He is also optimistic about the future of the company. In his words, “I’m optimistic that many establishments or start-ups will tune in to us gradually.”

Uchechukwu Okwara, one of our Social Media Assistants who joined the team about four months ago, talked about her experience so far as part of the Slvr Wlf team. According to her, working at Slvr Wlf has been fun and enlightening and has been majorly a learning process for her. She also stated that she looks forward to more challenging roles within the team, which will test her boundaries and widen her horizon.

Judging from all these and not to toot our own horn, we can confidently say that the past year is an excellent pass mark for us at Slvr Wlf. Nevertheless, we are determined to build on our present successes and surpass them in leaps and bounds as we move forward.

To this end, we must appreciate our clients, both old and new ones, who have continued to trust us with their businesses. We assure them of this one thing – that the best of us is yet to come. Long live Slvr Wlf!

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