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Slvr Wlf Engages Four New Team Members

older team members welcome new team members
IMG 1248
Our four new Slvr Wlf team members.

The Slvr Wlf, Ibadan Office, welcomed four new members of staff on Thursday, September 1, 2022. They are two Social Media Assistants, one Graphics/Video Editor and one Photographer/Social Media Assistant. Our new Social Media Assistants are Uchechukwu Okwara and Opeyemi Olusola, while Victor Esekwe and Bukunmi Oyewole are Graphics/Video Editor and Photographer/Social Media Assistant respectively.

Slvr Wlf Welcomes new team members
New staff welcome tour

Upon arrival, the new team members were received by the Social Media Liaison Officer, Osione Abokhai, who gave them a warm welcome and a tour of the office. At the same time, their workstations were set up and handed over in time for their discovery and training sessions.

IMG 1286
Onboarding and training sessions.

The training and onboarding sessions followed led by Social Team Leader 1, Tega Amushan and supported by Social Media Team Leader 2, Ernest Anavheoba and Social Media Assistant, Elvis Nkwocha. The onboarding and training lasted for a week and included working a few hours each day under supervision as the new team members shadowed older team members to learn the ropes. 

IMG 1257 1
Lunch time!

And of course, there was first-day bonding time facilitated by our Business Manager, Seye Omiyefa who opened the floor to conversations including our new team members’ likes, dislikes and expectations! Thanks to the interactions, it was revealed that Bukunmi’s earphones are portals into the multiverse, Uche is big on giving and receiving good energy, Yemi is in a romantic relationship with his personal space, and Victor is a whole vibe. 

IMG 1266
Bonding session.

We look forward to doing great work with our new team members, while we continue to help them adjust and fit into their new roles. We wish them the very best here at Slvr Wlf!

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