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Slvr Wlf Welcomes 3 New Team Members

The office was abuzz! 

It was the first working day of the year and a lot was going on. Not like things are not always happening at Slvr Wlf!

We had not one, not two but three Social Media Assistants, or SMAs as we call them, joining our content marketing team. They are Abisola Lawal, Emmanuel Adesanya, and Nerst Kayode. 

Slvr Wlf's three new team members

Ernest Anavheoba, our SMA Team Leader, was on hand to receive the new team members as they arrived. They were guided on a tour around the office and then set up at their workstations ready for their onboarding/training. 

At Slvr Wlf, we take the onboarding process seriously. It’s our way of saying, we welcome you and we want you to succeed. 

Slvr Wlf new team members getting trained

Before now, our onboarding process lasted the first day of resumption of duties. But these new team members got two days of training (lucky them!), plus, they will be shadowing more experienced team members for the rest of the week.

Slvr Wlf's new team members shadowing older staff

The funnest part of the first day of their training was of course the team lunch and presentation of welcome gifts. This Slvr Wlf tradition is a cool way of breaking the ice in a relaxed atmosphere. 

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Rice, chicken, salad, and drinks for everyone

While we shared rice, chicken, salad, and drinks, we talked about ways to help the new team members succeed at their job in Slvr Wlf.

Seye Omiyefa, our Business Manager, welcomed them with a speech telling them that they could build their career in Slvr Wlf with support from the management. He added that they should always communicate when there is a need to.

Ernest, our SMA Team Leader, encouraged new team members to always ask questions when they’re unsure. 

Francis Aderogbin and Dorcas Ebuara in the Content Department advised new team members never to delete posts or comments that have been published without their supervisor’s consent, and remember to fill their weekly activity form at the end of every week. 

Bolanle Shittu, our Office Administrator, told them to always reach out to her for anything regarding their welfare. She added that at Slvr Wlf, staff welfare is a top priority. 

Well, she said nothing but the truth!

Goody bags for new team members

Oh, did I mention that their goody bag contained a customised mug, pen, flash drive, jotter, and key holder?  I didn’t? Now I have!

We wish Abisola, Emmanuel, and Nerst all the best at Slvr Wlf!

Aside – Wouldn’t it be nice if the custom mug had their names on it? [Off to have a chat with management].

Seriously though, I hope you learnt about Slvr Wlf’s onboarding process and if you are thinking of joining our team, why not send in an application? We are always on the lookout for great talent!

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