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4 Proven Social Media Branding Lessons to Learn from Boiling Water

The word ‘brand’ has become so synonymous with the success of businesses that it has replaced the word business. Most times, people ask, “What brand do you represent?” when they simply want you to say the name of your business. But although every brand is a business, not every business is a brand. The difference is in strategy. So this week, we share four proven social media branding lessons, you can learn from boiling water. But first, bring the water to a boil.

How to Boil Water

Not that we think you cannot boil water but it is important that we go from the known to the unknown. So, we will share the recipe for boiling a litre of water and then, we will talk about what we can learn from it. To boil water, you will need:

  1. A container to hold the water. Most likely a kettle. 
  2. One litre of water 
  3. Heat. You may need a stove for that.

Step 1: Pour the water into the kettle

Step 2: Turn on the heat to high. 

Step 3: Put the kettle on

Step 4: Wait for 8-10 minutes

As you will soon learn, each of these steps represents a branding lesson. So now, let us see what hot branding lessons we can learn from boiling water.

Social Media Branding Lessons from Boiling Water

The water needs a kettle

Just as you cannot boil water without a container, you cannot build a brand without strategies. So, the first branding lesson you want to learn is that you need to have a strategy. You need a plan. What do you want your brand to be known for? And no, we do not mean what you produce. We are talking about your culture, your values. What do people think about when they hear the name of your company? Does it give them a good feeling? This will influence whether they buy your product or not.  

Also, although you can use any container to boil water, the best utensil to use is a kettle. So, find the right ‘utensil’ for creating your brand. Remember, your brand is the sum of perceptions people have about you. The easiest way to create and influence this perception is through social media. 

So start by creating social media accounts for your business and then use your social media interactions to build your brand. With the type of content you put out, and how you engage with your audience, you show that you care for them beyond simply peddling your products. 

Turn on the heat

You never can tell if the water will boil…actually, the water will never boil if you do not turn on the heat. This may have happened to you: You put the kettle on the stove and forget to turn on the heat, 10 minutes later you return to the water slightly colder than you left it. (Yes, it happens to the best of us). Lesson learned: Always turn on the heat before you put the kettle on the stove.

Do not just have a strategy. Use it. For a fact, creating a strategy can be difficult. But applying the strategy is even more difficult. It requires grit and commitment. For example, you can pull a social media content marketing strategy off the internet but you have to adapt it to your business and then apply it if you are to see results.

The kettle goes on the stove

Remember the lesson we learned from our second step? Sadly, some people do turn on the heat and forget to put the kettle on the fire. That would not do. Do not forget the kettle on the kitchen counter, it goes on the stove. 

Similarly, your strategy needs to follow an outline. This first, then that. If you do not find the right order that works for your business, you may end up without any boiling water, in a manner of speaking. 

So, identify what works best for you. This might require you to try different things at first. For example, you may decide to have a fun playful voice on social media but this might not be the right tone for your business. Remember, the audience you are targeting will determine the sound of your voice. 

Wait for the water to boil

Water needs 8-10 minutes on high heat to get to boiling point. You cannot force it to get to 100 degrees before its time. When you have put the kettle on the heat, you have to wait for the water to boil. 

In the same way, you need to wait for your strategy to work. Yes, we know waiting can be tough. We are mostly impatient people and we want things to happen very quickly. You want your social media following to grow so you buy followers. Well, what use are the followers when they are never going to become loyal customers? 

So after you have set up a strategy, give it time to work. It is recommended that you wait 4 weeks to 6 months for a strategy to work. While you wait, measure and assess what you are doing. This will help you better adjust your strategy to make it work better. 

Let’s Make Coffee Or Tea if you Prefer…

Whatever your beverage preference, have one cup on us as you think about the four branding lessons from boiling water. To summarise

  • You need a strategy to turn your business into a brand
  • After you create your strategy, apply it
  • As you apply your strategy, ensure it is in the right order
  • Give your strategy time to work.

We know it is never easy when you run a business to invest the time needed in creating a social media branding strategy, that is why Slvr Wlf is here to take the load off you. So, why not book a consultation with us and let us help you create a strategy over coffee (or tea)?

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