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3 Strategies for Workforce Management – There’s a Template for That

In this article, we share how Slvr Wlf is solving the problem of employee management by deploying three main strategies. See our template.
Template for Workforce Management

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One of the biggest issues that entrepreneurs face is how to get their employees to do things the right way. Whether it is saying the right things when communicating with customers or following the right process when carrying out daily tasks, employers face a major problem with employee management. 

In this article, we share how Slvr Wlf is solving this problem by deploying three main strategies for workforce management. Read on to learn more. 

Know Your Team

Our first step to effective employee management starts with the recruitment process. Over the years, we have found that the thoroughness of the recruitment process plays a crucial role in how an employee integrates into the team. When we allow sentiments to make us drop the ball, we pay for it in the long run with a disengaged employee. So, we have created a template that we apply in the recruitment process. First, we identify what qualities we want for the role we are filling. Then, we prepare tests that will highlight these qualities.

PRO TIP: Don’t settle. If you are recruiting for a role and you don’t find the qualities you are searching for, run another recruitment. 

If you do not have the time or resources to recruit the right staff, pay an agency that knows what they are doing to create a template for you. You can also poach someone who has the qualities you are looking for. Note that these types of employees will generally be paid more.

Communicate Directives Clearly

Do not assume that when you give directives, employees will understand and apply these directives. There are various factors which can affect the way the message is received and interpreted. Individual contexts and “noise” – message, channel or feedback – can impact understanding and comprehension. Ask for immediate feedback to ensure that the directive is understood. It also pays to prepare a template that ensures that each step is clear. Create a workflow that is easy to follow. 

PRO TIP: Follow each step yourself and note the areas you find difficult. Spend more time explaining this process and presenting it as clearly as possible. Note that there are things you MUST do yourself until you find a suitable hire.

When you create and follow your own workflow, it becomes easier to identify and explain the knotty issues employees may face. Also, listen to feedback regarding the workflow. There may be parts you think are easy to follow, but it might be because you have the skillset required to carry them out. You may have to revisit your recruitment process to solve this problem.

Train the Team to Use the Template

It is one thing to have a template. It is yet another step to learn how to use it. You may have to invest in training team members to become adept at using the template you have created. Teaching and delegating tasks to staff members would save you a lot of time and effort. If you have recruited effectively, you will not have much of an issue finding people to whom to delegate responsibilities. 

PRO TIP: Aim to train your staff quarterly. This training should be connected to your quarterly audits of staff activities to see if they are meeting their KPIs.

Train team members in batches based on the proficiency you want them to achieve. Only host the entire team in one training session if you will keep each person engaged during that session.

Workforce management ensures that your company’s goals and objectives are met. It also increases productivity and ultimately increases your bottom line. So, to effectively manage your workforce as Slvr Wlf does, know your team by following a template that works during the recruitment process; communicate clearly and effectively using a template to show your workflow; and train team members on how to use the workflow template effectively.

If you need help creating a template that would work for your team, subscribe to Slvr Wlf’s business strategy service, and we will be glad to help. To start, email us at [email protected]

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