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5 Ways for Businesses to Win on Social Media in 2023

We know you cannot wait to break new barriers and grow your business in the new year. And social media remains the battleground to conquer in 2023 as more and more Nigerians search to find what other people are saying about businesses they want to patronise. In this post, we will highlight five things Nigerian businesses can do to win on Social Media in 2023.

1. Short Videos:

Video marketing is still the number one digital tool for effective marketing, and that will not change in 2023. So, if you have not already taken advantage of this trend in promoting your business, by all means, consider it.

What to do

To win on social media, use short, captivating videos to publicise your brand and products. We recommend short videos because the attention span of your target audience is constantly dwindling, and with so much to see on the internet, if your video is longer than necessary and does not capture attention in the first few seconds, it might be swiped away for something more eye-catching. If you are worried about how to achieve this, we provided a detailed post on how to go about it creating the best videos here.

2. Simple, Clear Messages:

As with videos, short, punchy statements are more effective than long, complex sentences. Your target audience does not have the time to think about what you are trying to say. If your message is ambiguous or confusing, they will scroll to the next post.

What to do

Businesses that win on social media keep their messages short and simple. Use short, punchy sentences to project your ideas, products and services. It is okay to use an uncommon word once in a while as this can be eye-catching; you can then use a subtitle to explain the uncommon word. This will ensure that your target audience learns more about your offering, even from a quick glance.

3. Employee Advocacy:

Depending on the kind of business or service(s) you offer; this social media marketing trend may be just what you need to find your target audience and convert them to paying customers. Employees have a network of family and friends who may be looking for your services and it is easier for them to trust a brand if a friend or family member promotes it on their network. 

What to do

Encourage employees to share information about your brand with their network. Organise training, seminars and other fun events for your employees that will motivate them to share your messages on their social media pages. For example, you may arrange recreation/training at the end of the year or plan welcome or onboard events for new members of staff, provide food, drinks and gifts for members of staff. This way, employees will be inclined to share the news with their network which will in turn create a buzz around your brand – a great way to win on social media.

4.  Influencer Marketing:

There was a record growth of influencer marketing in 2022 and experts believe that this trend will continue in 2023. It is speculated that influencer marketing will reach an all time high by the year 2025. So, now is a good time to use influencer marketing to win on social media.

What to do

Identify influencer marketers within your niche. You should pay attention not just to the products and services they market but the what else they tweet about and their general life philosophy. Remember that when you ask an influencer to work on your brand, you are creating a relationship that means that your target audience will identify your brand with that influencer. If they act in questionable ways or express questionable opinions, it will reflect on your brand. You do not want your brand to end up as collateral damage.

If an Influencer acts in questionable ways or express questionable opinions, it will reflect on your brand. You do not want your brand to end up as collateral damage.

Slvr Wlf Insights

5. Social Media Marketing Agencies:

2022 saw a growth in the use of digital agencies. Many businesses lack both the know-how and the time to market their brands across social media platforms effectively. In fact, as the competition continues to grow, your business needs the expertise and dedication that only a knowledgeable social media agency can bring to win on social media marketing.

What to do

Choose a social media marketing agency that understands the nature of your business and what it needs to thrive. The agency you choose should be able to identify challenges long before they surface and proffer practical solutions to help you succeed. Engaging social media marketing agencies for your social media marketing efforts takes the heavy lifting off you while you concentrate on growing your business ideas.

Bonus Point: Websites.

Websites deserve mention in this post because they are a vital destination for your social media pages. Deals that begin on social media are often closed on your website. Conversely, your audience may land on your website first but choose to learn more about what people say about your business on social media.

Since consumers often judge your business by the quality of your websites, your website should present the information about your brand in a way that captures and holds the reader’s attention. The first visit to your website may determine what conclusions a prospective customer may reach about your brand. If you are a school owner, you may find these tips on What your school website homepage needs helpful.

What to do

When designing your website, choose colours that are eye-friendly and captivating but also resonate with your brand. Also, have a feature page (your landing page or homepage) where you show off your latest jobs prominently. 

Yes, pictures from the internet may look more professional, but they are not as authentic as yours. Your ideal customers should see pictures of what you do and be comfortable with their expectations of your business. 

Another vital step is to ensure that you develop your website for mobile and optimise them for desktop. Reports show that most users access websites from their mobile devices. So, if your website is not optimised for mobile view, you will not likely get visitors who will stay on long enough to learn about your brand and decide to patronise you.


2023 may be unpredictable in many ways, but you can take the right steps now to ensure your business makes it through the year with outstanding success! You don’t have to walk alone. Slvr Wlf Digitale has what it takes to deliver quality service that will increase your bottom line. Book a free consultation with us today, and let us help you set the ball rolling for the new year. 

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