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Blessings often come in pair.s New slvr wlf staff

With hearts filled with both nostalgia and joy, we bade farewell to our beloved Photographer and Social Media Assistant, Bukunmi, on the 28th of August, 2023. It’s incredible how things come full circle, as Bukunmi’s journey with Slvr Wlf ended precisely one year from when it all began.


During his time here, Bukunmi wasn’t just a colleague; he was the embodiment of enthusiasm and camaraderie. A tireless worker with an infectious smile, he lit up our office with his unique brand of energy every single day.


And, of course, we couldn’t let him go without a proper send-forth, which is a tradition around here. We gathered to celebrate the beautiful times we’ve shared and the remarkable contributions he made during his time at Slvr Wlf.

Oh, how we’ll miss those signature native wears that Bukunmi sported so effortlessly, and that broadly beaming face that brightened even the gloomiest of Mondays. Bukunmi, you’ve left an indelible mark on our hearts and in the vibrant tapestry of Slvr Wlf. Here’s to your exciting journey ahead, and may it be filled with even more smiles and success! πŸ“ΈπŸŽ‰πŸŒŸ

And then,


Joshua Aderemi Ojo has stepped into the role previously held by Bukunmi. He brings a strong work ethic, emphasising diligence and dedication to every task. Joshua is particularly enthusiastic about teamwork and is committed to contributing to the company’s overarching objectives.


Meanwhile, Matthew Olusegun Olunola has taken on the responsibilities of Business Manager. With a wealth of experience garnered from his global adventures, Matthew is well-equipped to make a significant impact. What sets him apart is his open-door approach, welcoming all team members to engage with him. Whether it’s seeking guidance, assistance, or just sharing a friendly conversation, Matthew is readily available to support the team.


We extend a warm welcome to Joshua and Matthew as they embark on their journey with Slvr Wlf. We look forward to their contributions and anticipate a collaborative and successful future together.

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