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5 Brilliant Branding Ideas For Nigerian Businesses on Social Media

This week, we bring you five brilliant branding ideas that have worked for Nigerian businesses on social media. They are tested and proven strategies which when properly implemented will see your business grow rapidly. So, if you are concerned about your business growth and are determined to build an unforgettable brand, read on.

8 Things That Can Hurt your Brand on Social Media

Before we dive into the five brilliant branding ideas, let’s take this list from Sprout Social of eight things that could be harming your brand on social media. So if you are guilty of any of these crimes, you need to do something about it real fast.

  • Poor quality products or services (49%)
  • Poor customer service (49%)
  • Posting irrelevant contents (45%)
  • Too many ads and sale pitches (45%)
  • Privacy concerns (39%)
  • Negative press (29%)
  • Corporate scandals (26%)
  • Posting too much (24%)

Branding Ideas that Work 

1. Update your profile

The first step to a successful social media branding strategy is to have a clean profile page. How do you do this? When people get to your profile, they should leave with no doubts about who you are and what you can do for them. 

If you already have social media pages across various platforms. Ensure that your presence is consistent. Use the same bio. And maintain the same brand colour(s). Also, remove any extra or inactive social media accounts you may have used in the past. If you have posted any controversial content in the past, remove them. 

2. Identify your target audience

In January 2021, the number of social media users in Nigeria was estimated to be 33.0 million. But your target audience may just be a small fraction of that number. So, you need to find your market. One way to do this is by identifying and targeting the social media platform your customers are more likely to use. In case you are wondering where you might find your target audience, we answered that question here.

3. Create the right content

As already noted, 45% of people ignore brands because they post irrelevant content, while 24% do so because a brand posts too much. Therefore, you want to be cautious of what you post. Have a content strategy that includes posting relevant content that will be helpful to your target audience.

A good place to start is to ask yourself what your target audience is really interested in; what do they want to read? Make this the focus of your posts. You may also want to think of information that complements your product/ service and use this as the basis for your content. We talked about three ways to generate ideas for your content here. 

4. Explore User-Generated Content (UGC)

User-generated content (UGC), as the name implies, is content created by your users for your brand. One way to get your users to generate content for your brand is by running a campaign. 

You can take advantage of an upcoming national day or special day that relates to your brand to run a campaign encouraging users to use your brand name as part of the hashtag. 

The fun part of user-generated content is that it helps with brand recall. The more people use the hashtag, the more they mention your brand and the more you will be remembered. 

UGC is also an excellent strategy for your branding process because the leads you will generate are purely organic. It will enhance the trust level of your followers and increase the rate of engagement and conversations.

5. Continuously Engage your Followers

Engaging your followers in your posts will make them feel important and make a positive impact on them. It will nurture them and keep them loyal to you. 

Remember that engagement is a great way to improve customer experience. Your customers and prospects are also more likely to come to you privately if something is wrong with your product or service if you have secured their goodwill through continuous engagement. 

Final Notes

These five branding ideas we have just shared are guaranteed to help you build your brand on social media. However, we know that it takes dedication and hard work to accomplish. That is why we often recommend that you leave the implementation of these strategies to experts who have shown over time that they understand the dynamics of building brands on social media. If you are wondering where you can get such help, why not contact Slvr Wlf?

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