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How to Generate Great Business Blog Post Ideas in Nigeria

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Generating business blog post content ideas may be easy when you have to write one or two blog articles every now and then. But when you have to deliver blog posts every week and sometimes more often, then you must have a trusted way of generating business blog post ideas. For one thing, you must maintain a high level of quality and consistency.

So, how do you maintain the flow of unique business blog post ideas when you need to do it consistently for weeks, months and years?  Read on as we discuss three data-driven approaches to use to come up with unique ideas for your business blog. We even threw in bonus content for government agencies, schools and startups.

Four Data-Driven Approaches to Generating Business Blog Post Ideas

Every minute, 4,800 blog posts are published. It is easy for your voice to be lost in midst of so much content. So, if you must deliver relevant and evergreen content to your audience and make your voice heard, you need to adopt a data-driven approach to blog post writing. Research is crucial. So here are three things you can do now to come up with unique business blog post ideas and content for your website.

Think About Your Audience and What Makes Them Unique

When researching business blog ideas, have your customers in mind. For instance, if you own a school, creating ‘how to’, ‘why, or ‘list’ posts on areas where information is lacking can help you generate leads and rank higher in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS). A post on ‘How To Make Your Child Love Mathematics’ will perform excellently in a country where 3 in 10 students struggle with Mathematics. Topics on mental health, parenting, single parenting and studying tips will also be a hit as they focus on your customers’ pain points. The key is to ensure that you have something for each category of your target customer, no matter how diverse they are.

For example, a school located in Lagos Mainland looking to attract mid-income parents would do well to think about what could interest their target audience. For instance, are they concerned about leaving their children for long hours with a helper? Why not write about how they can find the right type of care for their child? Towards the end of the school year, parents may be thinking about how to help their children enjoy the holidays. A blog post about where they can take their children on a budget would be a hit. The important thing is to focus on what type of information your target audience would value.

Ask Your Audience What They Would Like to Read

In the early stages of blogging for your business, you can rely on your creativity, instinct, and industry experience, and still perform well. But that’s just the honeymoon phase. To ensure you never run out of content ideas, conduct regular surveys. This is an important tool to understand your target customers’ decision-making process. It is also a great tool to generate business blog ideas. You can also discover ways to upgrade your products and services to their tastes. Win-win! So, there is nothing wrong with asking your audience what they would like to read.

For example, if you are a start-up, you can ask questions about what value your audience is looking for. Let’s say you are a startup focused on logistics. You could ask your audience what they would like to know about the logistics industry. You may be surprised by the kind of responses you’d get, and then you can create blog posts around them. What if you are a tech start-up? You can also ask your audience what they would like to read from you. To illustrate, you could ask, what is that one thing you wished there was an app for? The answers you get may actually lead to your developing a new app and writing a story about that journey!

Listen to the Conversations Your Audience is Having

Social listening helps you to discover your audience’s interests and generate suitable content ideas. Your social media manager should run a search of keywords related to your brand and find out what people are saying about their problems, wants and needs. You don’t necessarily need a tool or fancy app to run a search, all the social networks have search options. Use them as a social listening tool.

For example, a government agency that does social listening would search for keywords around the agency’s activities. Suppose you just made a decision regarding a new registration process and people are having a difficult time finding where or how to register, you could do a blog post answering all their questions. You will discover that when people are looking for answers to their questions, your blog post will turn up in their searches. If it is well written and answers their questions, they will be more inclined to share it.

Check Out the Competition

You can gain insights into what to write about when you check out the business blog posts ideas your competition is using. Mind you, you are not checking them out in order to steal their content, rather it is to learn what is generating more traffic for them and see what you can glean from that. When you realise that a particular product, service or post is generating exceptional attention, it gives you an insight into what your customers want from you. You can flesh out those ideas into various interesting topics. 

For example, if your competition post about why it’s important to drink water is trending, you can narrow your blog post down to the different types of water that people drink and the benefit or not of each type. That way, when people search for drinking water, your post is more likely to rank along with that of the competition and you can all share the limelight.

How Do You Get Business Blog Ideas for Saturated Niches?

A saturated niche has high competition for a single audience. Therefore, finding ideas for blog content is more challenging. But a saturated niche is actually a gold mine as it proves that there is a ready audience for your content. Adopt a unique approach to your blogging, study your competition, then find a creative and under-emphasised angle to meet your audiences’ needs. You can also adopt the diffusion model where you niche down on your topics from the broad to the specific. For instance, if you want to write about High Yield Investments in Nigeria, you may narrow your topics to the following:

  • Cryptocurrency and blockchain
  • Stocks and bonds
  • Agriculture and livestock
  • Haulage and logistics
  • Internet marketing
  • Real estate

You can then become more specific. For example, “Which Nigerian stocks should you buy in 2022.” To make it even more searchable, add a number. For example, “7 Nigerian Stocks that Guarantee Good Returns in 2022.” You may get 2 or more posts from each of these topics depending on the general style of your blog articles, and how in-depth you want to go. 

As an example, while writing this blog post, we found that there were several blog posts that came up when we searched for “how to come up with blog post ideas”. So, we decided to narrow it down. The same articles were coming up for “How to generate business blog post ideas”. This showed us there was a gap. So we decided to narrow things further. We found that there were few Nigerian-specific “how-to” ideas for writing business blogs. We then decided to create this post with ideas for Nigerian businesses that want to generate unique business blog post ideas.

Why Generating Unique Content Matters

Your customers’ standards are getting higher every day. You can’t afford to give them mediocre content. Also, as we mentioned at the beginning of this post, millions of blog posts are created every day. You do not want your voice drowned out. You ideally should want to reap the same benefits that big brands that invest in content writing get. So, you need to do it right.

However, generating business blog post ideas is a time-consuming process. But if you choose to invest in it, you will get returns. More people will visit your website searching for your awesome content and then your business will be noticed for the right reasons. Don’t forget we’re here to give you all the help you need in creating great content.

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