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Quick Guide to Writing a Product Description + Sample Template

Have you ever had a customer return your product because what they got did not match the description of what they ordered? Do you want to ensure that this does not happen to you or never happens again? Then this post is for you. We will be sharing how to write a winning product description and even throw in a sample template to help you. 

Why Product Descriptions Matter

Many business owners know they need to write good product descriptions. They understand that poorly written descriptions cost you sales. A report by the Nielsen Norman Group revealed that 20% of abandoned purchases are because of “incomplete or unclear” product information. In fact, product descriptions are expected to:

  1. Show value. The only thing that makes your customers excited about your product is how it will benefit them. If your description contains this information, it will lead to sales.
  1. Highlight benefits. Many customers need help in understanding how each feature of your product or service matters. 
  1. Reveal your unique selling point. What can you offer that they can’t get elsewhere – especially from your competitors?

The bigger issue often is that business owners don’t know how to write product descriptions. What is okay to include and what to leave out. 

How to Write Product Descriptions that Sell 

A lot of people focus on showing off their products in pictures. While this is important, the key words you use in your description is what will make your product searchable. Also, you use words to tell the story that your images can’t. So, to write a good description, you need to answer these questions:

  • Who is your customer?
  • What are they looking for?
  • How does your product help solve their problem?
  • Why should they choose you and not the competition?

A Quick Template for Writing Product Descriptions

Your product description should be something like this:

Product summary: This should describe the product and hint at the benefits. It should follow the formula Product category + sensory adjective description + benefits. Here’s a sample summary for an online custom bedding store: 

Short story. This should be a story about your product, company, the people who make your products or your customers. Here’s one that tells the story of the customer for Luxe bedding store:

Features to benefits. Here, you highlight the features of your product and the value it offers to your customers. You can also include your professional license and certification. It is usually listed as bullet points. This is a feature to benefits sample of our online custom bedding store:

Competitive Advantage

This paragraph deals with what sets you apart from the competition. It could be something outstanding about the product itself, such as a patent. It could be social proof from existing customers. Sometimes, your business heritage can be a competitive advantage. The competitive advantage of our online bedding store:

Are you ready to help your audience understand your product/service? Start with your descriptions. We’re right here if you need help along the way!

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