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How to Brag like a Pro When Writing Product Descriptions

Brags have always been seen in a negative light. And so the fear of this labelling has left many new businesses confused about how much boasting is too much. They assume that value will speak for itself. Yet, you do not light a lamp and put it under a basket. If you don’t tell people how great your product is, they may never find out. And there is no better place to brag about your products than in the description section. In this post, we share how start-ups can brag like pros when writing product descriptions.

Ground Rules for Bragging About your Product

There is a method to bragging. So first, let’s set some ground rules. Bragging is not about making unsubstantiated or unverifiable claims. Statements like we’re the best, fastest, biggest, cheapest, most popular, from a start-up tend to do the opposite of what is intended especially if there are no verifiable facts to back them up. They make your brand appear insecure and unworthy of trust. 

How then do you brag about your product? By making your customers the centre of your bragging. Understand that it is not about you. It’s about your target market. What do people say about your product? What type of research has gone into producing it? What is the history of the product? Address the pain points, reservations and fears. Talk about how you have put them first in coming up with the design and even the price. Help them fall in love with your product; understand why they should choose it; pay a premium price for it; or trust that when they pay a relatively lower price, it does not mean a compromise in quality. 

Bragging Like a Pro When Writing Product Descriptions

Your bragging should inspire trust and confidence. Here’s how to brag like a pro when you are writing your product descriptions.

Include Third-Party Endorsements When Writing Product Descriptions

Buyers are wary of self-made claims – even if they are true. To build your product’s credibility, you need third-party endorsements – especially if they come from a person or organisation that your customers already trust. Persons that will make your prospects think,  “If they’re using it, it must be good”.

Debo Macaroni popularly known as Mr Macaroni has over 1 million followers on Twitter. So, when he endorsed Sexy Suya Burger on Twitter and advised people to patronise them, other people started talking about how they prefer this particular brand of fast food. If an industry expert or a renowned leader comments positively about your product or reviews it; make sure you use the feedback in your product description. If a well-known organisation uses your product or patronises your business; feature their name, logo, or case study in your description section. 

Case Studies Make Product Descriptions More Authentic

Sometimes, third party endorsement may not be enough or be the best way to brag when writing your product descriptions. You may need to do more to prove the value you provide. You can do this by authoring a case study about your product. The study should not be fluff or superficial, but it doesn’t have to be scholarly to be credible.

For instance, many people use and trust Ariel detergent, but not for their Ankara or coloured fabrics. So when Ariel produced a detergent for Ankara and coloured fabrics, they didn’t rely on influencers or third party endorsements. Instead, they showed it being used to wash Ankara and coloured fabric. Your case studies may involve making a video demonstration of the problem that your product solves, providing data to back up a claim, sharing the number of existing users or stating a percentage of increase or decrease that will benefit your target market. 

Brag with Cool Testimonials/Reviews in Product Descriptions

The best way to tell prospective buyers that your product is worth buying is by allowing those who have purchased and enjoyed the product to do the talking. Solicit for testimonials from prominent clients and brag with these testimonials in your product description section. No matter how vivid or detailed you describe your products, 72% of your prospects will not take action until they have read the reviews.

If your customers are buying offline, draft a testimonial and ask them to edit it so it can be quotable. You could also ask for a voice testimonial from those who may be too pressed for time. Where possible, get a genuine first-person video testimonial, though this is more demanding, it is priceless. Include these testimonials and reviews when writing your product descriptions.

Writing Product Descriptions: Sample for Adire Fabric

Here is a sample product description for a made up product I.Y.A.L.O.D.E Full-stoned Adire® produced by the Textile start-up Indigo Apparels Africa™

The parts in bold italic shows how to brag like a pro

This Yoruba indigo dyed dress is made from damask fabrics. Its handmade design comes from the Abati family who have over 500-years history in Adire crafts in Abeokuta. Fully adorned at the fringe with expensive stones, you can rock this luxury piece to dinners, weddings and other heavyweight occasions.

Indigo Apparels Africa™ is one of the winners of the 2020 Luxury Lifestyle Awards and won the 2019 award for fastest growing indigenous fashion brand in Africa. 

As featured in Fashion Life News, Global Fashion Week and Fashion Fusion Africa.

What our customers are saying…

I don’t consider myself a fashionista, but I love classy clothing that communicates style and elegance. That is what the I.Y.A.L.O.D.E Full-stoned Adire® achieved for me. I wore it for a corporate dinner and I noticed the admiring looks. I remember linking a couple of women with my supplier. I’ll be considering other products from the brand. A friend recommended it to me, and I am not disappointed.

Abimbola Hassan, Head of Communications, Infinity Digital Media

A friend gifted me the Adire Multicolour Shell Design for my birthday and my wife loved me in it. She pressed me to ask my friend to link me up with the vendor, but I never took her seriously. Weeks after, there was a dispatch rider at the door with a delivery of the I.Y.A.L.O.D.E Full-stoned Adire®, apparently, she decided to talk to my friend herself and got linked. She wore her dress for our 7th anniversary and I loved her in it – enough to make an order for my sister and my mum. 

Chibueze Michael, Businessman

Indigo Apparels Africa™ is certified by the African Cultural Conservation and the International Organisation for Fashion and Ethics.

If You’ve Got it, Brag About it

It’s healthy to brag if you’ve earned it. Just make sure you’re not being condescending or arrogant. Bragging about your product is really about credibility. So don’t hesitate to reveal who you have helped with your product or service. If you are stuck between bragging about your product in the description section and finding a balance, we are here to help.

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