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How your Brand Reputation Affects your Brand Positioning

Who do people say you are? This question underscores the importance of reputation. Considering that brand means personality, one can deduce that just as a person’s reputation determines who identifies with them, brand positioning influences the choices people make regarding one’s products or services.

Certainly, all organisations want a positive brand reputation. You want your customers and prospects to rise to your organisation’s defence. But such loyalty does not come by chance. Just as a person needs to take actions that will make people see they are honest and trustworthy, brands need to build their reputation. 

Reputation has a tangible value. According to one source, global executives attribute about 63 per cent of their company’s market value to their reputation. Therefore, maintaining a positive brand reputation increases customer loyalty, expands your market share and helps with your position as a leader in your industry. 

How You Can Build A Positive Brand Reputation

Why not start by taking this Digital Brand Reputation Quiz?

How did you do on the quiz?

Many brands struggle to build a positive reputation. Some find it difficult to maintain what they’ve already built because of how quick the world is to judge and discard. The solution is to adopt a proactive approach to build and sustain your brand reputation and position. You can achieve this through strategic brand communication and content creation.

How Slvr Wlf Digitale Ltd can help you

At Slvr Wlf, we are deliberately far-sighted in the tools and resources we deploy to build and maintain organisational reputation and position. We can help you create a relatable brand that emotionally appeals to your target audience, thereby earning an enviable spot in their minds. Why not reach out and let us help you build your brand reputation?

Start by filling and mailing this Brand Projection Form to us to enable us analyse your branding needs

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