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New Staff: Goodbye Francis, Hello Bliss, Mariam

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Everything that has a beginning must surely have an end. This time-proven axiom was justified once more on Tuesday, January 31, 2023, as the Slvr Wlf Team gathered in the conference room to bid farewell to one of us, Francis Aderogbin, as he bowed out of the team.

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We had a lot to say as we bid Francis farewell.

As is the custom, everyone got to speak about their experiences working with Francis. While thanking him for his services to Slvr Wlf throughout the time he spent on the team, Mr Seye Omiyefa, our Business Manager, on behalf of the management also wished him the best in his future endeavours.

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We will miss you.

And as Francis leaves, Bliss Steps in with Mariam

February 1, 2023, exactly a year after some of the current members of the team also came on board Mariam Arogundade and Bliss Akinyemi joined the team. 

As part of a series of onboarding activities that is now a favourite tradition of the team, the new team members who both joined the team as Social Media Assistants, were given a warm welcome and officially introduced to other members of the team.

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Hello Bliss and Mariam!

Afterwards, they were led on a guided tour of the office by our Social Media Liaison Officer, Osione Abokhai, who provided them with all the work tools they need to succeed in their new roles and subsequently shown to their workstations to begin their training.

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Let’s get you settled in shall we?

In the afternoon, everyone converged for the customary welcome lunch, where Seye Omiyefa, the Business Manager, took time to enlighten the new team members about the workplace expectations. 

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A word with Mr Seye.

Mariam and Bliss were happy to join the Slvr Wlf family and expressed their excitement about the journey ahead.

We expect that their presence will add new zest and bring fresh ideas and energy to the table, enhancing our collective ability to serve our clients and achieve our goals. 

As a team, we are eager to support and cheer them on to career success. We look forward to working alongside them and growing our professional relationships with them.

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