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Find out 3 reasons hiring a Social Media Manager is best for your business

In 2020, over 3.6 billion people used social media globally. It is estimated that by 2025, about 900 million more users will be added. This increased popularity of social media marketing has led to more small business owners opening social media accounts and using them to connect with their customers. You may be considering doing the same. But before you make that decision, let us talk about three reasons you may want to hire a social media manager instead. 

Consider these scenarios:

You are handling your social media pages. You already have content prepared for the day’s post. But you log into your account to find that there’s a trend that brands like yours are discussing; what will you do?

In the middle of a meeting with a prospect, you get a notification that your brand is trending for the wrong reasons. Will you abandon your meeting?

Why you should hire a social media manager

Quality and consistent content creation require time  

As a business owner, you probably spend most of your time strategising, managing finances, and overseeing employees, clients and prospects. Do you really have the time to spend attending to your social media pages without dereliction of core duties?

Social media for business is a specialised area

You probably have personal social media accounts where you connect with friends and family. So, you may think business pages work the same way. Well, not exactly. The correct use of social media for business requires an in-depth understanding of digital marketing, an ability possessed by trained social media managers. Professionals deploy knowledge backed by data analytics from pages, ensuring that they get the best possible results. They also know what your target audience is searching for, so they use the right keywords and correct language to get your business before them. In doing this, they increase your visibility and, by extension, your ROI.

Social Media rules of engagement are a learning curve

Social media is not a one-way channel. It is highly interactive, and users are interested in instant feedback. Therefore, not only should you be there to respond to them on time, but you must also be ready to constantly watch your temperament. You are not the right fit to handle your brand’s social media if you are unwilling to work as a receptionist in your company.

After considering these three reasons you probably should not be your own social media manager, you may still decide to give it a go. It may be that your business is not in the right place financially to hire a consultant. If this is the case, why not follow Slvr Wlf Insights? Every week, we publish a blog post that will help you with managing your digital presence.

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