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How to Use the Tested Digital Media Referral 2.0 Campaign to Grow Your School Enrollment Now

In this article, we will explain what we call the Digital Media Referral 2.0 Campaign – using digital media and, more specifically, social media to increase school enrollment. The methods we share in this article work to increase the school population because they are data-driven and tested in the Nigerian market and seen to produce results. Read on to learn how you can implement the Digital Media Referral 2.0 Campaign in your school to increase school enrollment.

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Kick-Ass Newsletter Writing Tips To Boost Your Content Strategy (A Beginner’s Guide)

Brands who have hacked newsletter writing have found that an effective way to cultivate clients and prospects so as to retain their lifetime value. It is an excellent way to keep your clients informed about products/services and any changes you may want to effect in running your business. If you have not taken advantage of this type of content marketing, it’s time to get on the train. And to get you started we are serving you kick-ass newsletter writing tips for schools, startups, government agencies, and political candidates.